In the mail…

Well sorta. I posted about Weeds earlier and Seasons 2 & 3 should be here from Amazon today.


Also new and cool is the app Shazam for iPhone. Your phone can now identify any song after just a few seconds. While this cool trick isn’t really new (my old LG CU500 could do this) there are a couple of really cool other features. You can tag the song and download from iTunes, attach a picture to the song and build playlists.

And one more cool music app for the iPhone. Pandora Radio. Type in a favorite band and based on your thumbs up or thumbs down vote, the app will start to create a custom “radio” station for you. You have multiple stations and even have a mix of stations.



I have a truck that I love. It’s ugly, beat up and requires a lot of attention. But I love it. The only downside is that I don’t have nearly enough cash on hand at any given time to really do all the things I’d like. But it will be awesome one day. 

These guys, on the other hand, had way too much money and not enough taste.

Sick day

Well not really. I know a lot of folks out there would love to have a legit (read real) reason to stay home some days. Especially when those days are as nice as they are here in sunny SoCal. (un)Fortunately I have a job I really like. So I try to avoid “being sick” as much as possible.  And it usually works out just fine. But I let a little cough go a little too long and I now have bronchitis. yippee. So I can’t work. I can go to work, I just can’t do the fun stuff. bleh.

Best new show…

OK. Well not new I guess. Season three is already on DVD, but I just discovered this show. I am not a smoker or even a dabbler for that matter. But this show is awesome. I highly recommend it. I haven’t enjoyed a series on DVD this much since The Sopranos or Band of Brothers or Firefly.

Back from the East 2

Well, when I got back from Thailand, I posted up a couple of comments about stuff. One of the most frustrating things about my job is that I move a lot. Not that moving is a bad thing in and of itself. Ann and I both love to move, we enjoy trying to decide where we’re going to go next and the options that are open to us are many. But, the one thing that I dislike above all the others is having friends, mates, buddies, whatever you want to call scattered to the four winds. This does have the benefit of putting your mates all over the place almost guaranteeing you will know someone and have a place to sleep when you travel. 

But it also means, on those occasions when you get a group of guys that really work well together, that it can fell like things are going to hell in a hand basket when you move. I’m not saying that my new group of guys are bad, just not the old team. But, patience and a little serendipity may be conspiring to bring some of us back together. Actually, there are a few of us that are already working together again. So we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted. If you want to read about one of these great guys, and his adventures try this…


This is for my friend Kyle who is in a very dry, hot place right now.


You have to love the beer selection in the PNW.

Winter comes…

I got to thinking today about all the things we aren’t going to get to do over the next few years. Not without a long drive or a plane flight anyway.

Like winter hikes

Teaching my son how to ski/snowboard

The upside of living here though will be not having to play in the soggy Seattle rain all the time.