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Sick day

Well not really. I know a lot of folks out there would love to have a legit (read real) reason to stay home some days. Especially when those days are as nice as they are here in sunny SoCal. (un)Fortunately I have a job I really like. So I try to avoid “being sick” as much as possible. ¬†And it usually works out just fine. But I let a little cough go a little too long and I now have bronchitis. yippee. So I can’t work. I can go to work, I just can’t do the fun stuff. bleh.

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This is for my friend Kyle who is in a very dry, hot place right now.


You have to love the beer selection in the PNW.

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Winter comes…

I got to thinking today about all the things we aren’t going to get to do over the next few years. Not without a long drive or a plane flight anyway.

Like winter hikes

Teaching my son how to ski/snowboard

The upside of living here though will be not having to play in the soggy Seattle rain all the time.

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Back from the east…

Well, I finally made it back to the US from SE Asia. I went over there for work and it was a really good time. I met some great folks and overall, the trip was worthwhile.

There are a couple of things I regret about the trip though. Here is a partial list:

1. Everyone on my team transferred while I was gone. More on that later.

2. I probably won’t be able to make this trip (for work) again. I am changing jobs and it doesn’t look like I’ll make in next year.

3. While those of us on the ground went above and beyond to accomplish our goals, the people that were supposed to be supporting us screwed the pooch at almost every turn.

4. Staying in hotels for 3 months was great. I woke up on my second day back and thought “Where the hell are my fresh towels?” Back to laundry and dishes.

I’ll have to expand on a couple of these issues in the coming days just so all my peeps can catch up. And by all my peeps I mean the two of you reading this.

I’ll also post a couple of pics here and there just so you can vicariously visit Thailand and Singapore with me.


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Excited about this

This book arrived today from Amazon.com. I’ll post a little review here when I’m done.

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