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The jacket that I purchased to protect my iPhone sucks. While it is slim and more comfortable in my pocket than the silicone sleeve I had it in before, it seems that it is only a thin piece of plastic painted black.

It has only been a couple of weeks and the paint is already rubbing off. I’m thinking I’ll probably return it to the Apple Store this week.


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New clothes…

My iPhone got a new jacket this past week. Up to this point I’d been using one of those silicone full coverage deals with an Invisible Shield screen protector from Zagg. While I’m still using the screen protector (and probably upgrade it to full phone coverage) I dropped by the Apple store this past week and picked up the Power Support Air Jacket and it is much nicer. My biggest complaint about the silicone sleeve is that it proved very difficult to put into or remove from a pocket. The Air Jacket is slim, smooth and black. It looks good on the phone.

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