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Greatest eBay Item…

Well, greatest item for this week anyway. Plus the money will go to a great cause.

Check it out. You can buy Michael Yon’s body armor. Although, after reading his review of Dragon Skin you might not want to.  I can personally vouch for the need for quick releases on body armor.

“Everybody wants to know how we can get the ever-elusive moderate Muslims engaged in fighting the terrorists.” I’m guessing that this isn’t the way. I don’t agree that this is the way. Reverse psychology? Nah.

Final thought for the night. Find out what laws apply to you.

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2nd Amendment

Well. I did post an article not too long ago about possible benefits of CCW issues and concerns. And although this incident isn’t a concealed carry issue (She was in her home when it happened) it is still a great story. Sad. But great.

She probably showed more restraint and composure that I could have.

For a change of pace, and a great workout, check out Crossfit.


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Freedom speech…

Wow. This is over at little green footballs. This guy published the Danish cartoons of Mohamed and now the Canadian government has hauled him before some crazy government board because his actions might, maybe, could, possibly make someone not like a radical muslim. Hmmm….

Anyway, three videos. All worth watching. His answers are a great defense to freedom of speech.

It’s not some silly cartoons that pisses people off. It’s the fact that you won’t stop blowing shit up.

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I know that I’ve linked to The PsychoExWife before, but it bears another link. And a permanent spot on the blog role over there on the right. Although I have never experience what these folks are going through, it is not hard to imagine. I’ve been interested in this topic for the last 5 years or so. Not coincidently, my son is now 5.  Go figure.

Here are some links to a couple of books and websites that I have found of particular help:

Bringing Up Boys – While I’m not a huge fan of James Dobson, I did like this book. If you read some of the reviews of the book, especially the one and two star reviewers, labels like “sexist,” “homophobe,” “hate monger” get thrown about with little regard for the overall context of the book. I don’t believe that this is the case at all. Again, while I don’t agree with much of Dr. Dobson’s opinions regarding his Focus on the Family agenda, i did like this book.

The War Against Boys -Christina Hoff Sommers- If you want to become seriously worried about the future of a boy in this country, from public school to the military, read her book.

ANCPR – If you want to hear some of the truly f-ed up stuff going on in the courts as it pertains to fathers… and their blog is here.

ICGI –  While we are not activist on this particular subject, we do believe that is inhumane and our son is “intact”

Toy Soldiers – Right here on wordpress. Nice.

Glenn Sacks – He writes, he talks and he blogs…pretty smart for a guy.

And on a final note, Dr. Helen has a story up on the Pajamas Media about sexism in the church. I know it doesn’t sound like a new topic, but this isn’t the sexism your thinking of.

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Daily Reads

Yeah! What he said. Big Mac does deserve the hall of fame. When was the last time you turned on any kind of “professional” activity (football, soccer, baseball, tennis, table tennis) and thought “man, I really hope to see some mediocre players doing just alright…” Never.

I know that I have him linked over on the right side there, but if you haven’t been reading Michael Yon, start with this post. You’ll be hooked. Promise.

Between sports and the war, you should have plenty of reading tonight.


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Excited about this

This book arrived today from Amazon.com. I’ll post a little review here when I’m done.

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Rant #1

I have a pretty cool job. I am in one of the armed services on what can most closely be described as a SWAT team. I work with 12 others guys who are mostly as excited as I am about how lucky we are and how cool our jobs are. I am also an EMT and a military diver.

All of these things combine to make me fairly content with my current career field. And so I guess it’s the case that when you have it good (and realize that you have it good) that when the people above you start feeding you shit sandwiches, it makes it all the harder to deal with. In any organization, and the military specifically, you rarely have a say about who you are going to work with and who will be assigned to your unit. One of the nice things about being on a 12 man team is that we have, historically, been allowed to give our input about future team members. There are many reason to allow qualified operators to assess potential team mates as well as allowing us to continually evaluate ourselves. We do a “high risk” job. Our service holds us to a higher standard (physically and professionally) that our co-workers. When you only have a dozen guys, a single slacker can drag the whole team down.

So, it has been with some dismay and no small amount of anger that we have been forced to accept a person that is not only subpar (they failed to pass even the initial physical fitness test required to even apply) but actually has a pending felony conviction, is an admitted alcoholic who continues to drink and who is roundly despised by almost every person currently on the team. As I have already mentioned, this is the military. We are often times forced to work with and for people we don’t like and don’t trust. Nature of the beast. But this is different.

**here are a couple of my thoughts on this** we are a specialized force package. As such, any situation that would require our attention would be necessarily a special. Our service has only (rarely) utilized our skill set. This has led to the mindset by some in middle management as it were, that we will not be used at all.

And so it would follow a mindset like that, that we really don’t need people suitable to a SWAT position. Why waste quality individuals when I can fill a team position with a mediocre performer? They’re not going to call them anyway.

More than anything else, this offends me. More than being dangerous. More than being a waste of resources. More than being a dereliction of duty on the part of our officer corps. This basically says to those of us who have sacrificed time with our families and advancement opportunities all while abusing our bodies, that we don’t matter. It’s all a game, apparently, to those who don’t do the job.

I am not naive enough to believe that we are the first people to experience this type of thing. Nor will we be the last. My time at this unit is coming to a close. I am moving on to concentrate on other aspects of my career. Mostly the diving. I will soon be doing that full time and I am excited.

No links today. Just this rant. I had to get it off my chest.

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Read this

I try not to kid myself about the fact that next to nobody will ever read this blog. Fine with me. It’s an exercise is self discipline and a sort of esoteric therapy. Anyway. I don’t know if I’ll have much to say. I’ll link to a couple of things everyday of so. Things that I find interesting and that I feel are worth reading. And maybe a picture or two.

Well, this is a very sad thing. Major Andy Olmsted killed in Iraq. He had prepared a blog post for just such an occasion.

60 miles a gallon and 600 horsepower. WOW. If this guy can do this stuff with off the shelf parts, what could Detroit do if it wanted to?

And finally, a new blog. The Psycho Ex-Wife. I just found this blog tonight and I’ve been reading it for two hours. Sitting here reading about the plight of this family and how screwed up The system is when it comes to boys, men, masculinity and every other aspect of being the stronger side of the species.


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Morning reads

The Belmont Club reports that the American death toll in Iraq is the lowest it has been. Ever.

And yet another reason to get your CCW permit. From the IndyStar.com (hattip to Glen Reynolds)

Finally, suggested reading for some people I know. Maybe it could help solve the “everything I know about leadership I learned in two weeks of reserve OCS” mentality that has plagued so many lately.

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Is fat the new normal?

I hope not. “As Americans continue to super-size their value meals, the average weight of the population increases and people slowly adjust their perceptions of appropriate body weight.” But you can’t argue with that.

On its way from Amazon.com even as we speak.

That’s all for 2007.

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