My good friend Kyle (over there in the right column under Kyle’s Blog) just got back from his tour of the North Arabian Gulf or NAG as he calls it, and the mid east. Kyle’s desire to do a bit of traveling while on leave and Ann’s desire to “go somewhere” this weekend combined with a little serendipity to find us all in Portland, OR this weekend. I will post, and tag (thanks Kyle) some photos and give no one in particular the scoop on some cool places to eat it Portland.


New chapter…Same book

Well, back in Panama City, FL. I’m not going to make any extravagant claims about live blogging this experience. But I will update this page at least once a week, if not once a day with tales of the craziness that I am about to go through. 

I’ll be in this part of the world for about 4 months this time around. When I’m done here, I’m going to go back to doing the same job despite a whole bunch of new training. But, thems the breaks. 

I’m adding  new page to my little corner of the wordpress http://www. 


Just in case my long lost, generous uncle decides to buy me a birthday present.


The jacket that I purchased to protect my iPhone sucks. While it is slim and more comfortable in my pocket than the silicone sleeve I had it in before, it seems that it is only a thin piece of plastic painted black.

It has only been a couple of weeks and the paint is already rubbing off. I’m thinking I’ll probably return it to the Apple Store this week.

New clothes…

My iPhone got a new jacket this past week. Up to this point I’d been using one of those silicone full coverage deals with an Invisible Shield screen protector from Zagg. While I’m still using the screen protector (and probably upgrade it to full phone coverage) I dropped by the Apple store this past week and picked up the Power Support Air Jacket and it is much nicer. My biggest complaint about the silicone sleeve is that it proved very difficult to put into or remove from a pocket. The Air Jacket is slim, smooth and black. It looks good on the phone.

Rogue Season

As I’ve mentioned before, I miss the PNW. I like the rain, the cooler climate, the mountains, Puget Sound. I like it all. But, I don’t live there anymore. Thankfully, a little of the PNW comes to me via Whole Foods Market with the Rogue Ales Santa’s Private Reserve

Although, I’ve recently discovered Shiner Bohemian Black Lager which might just be the most delicious beer I’ve ever had. And that my friends, is saying a lot.

All smiles…

I always like to see old pictures because the men rarely smile. Why? I have some theories, but really who cares? I think it’s cool. They knew what the score was. Why smile. So, in that vein, here’s a snapshot of some hardcore guys getting ready to go catch a “suspected” terrorist. It was a long night.


Stuff I looked at today

Boring topic for a post, but some of the stuff these folks are talking about really gets to the heart of topics that I am interested in.

Little Toy Soldiers I have linked this up over on the right there. And mentioned it before. But this blog has a bunch of stories about the plight of boys and men.

Michael Yon Online. By far my favorite blogger about the wars. And as of 10 November, “The war is over.” He’s also linked up over to your right.

Open Source Mac – A simple list of free, open-source software for Mac OS X. I’m using Handbrake and Seashore. Found them both here.

Steep and Cheap – One killer gear deal, one at a time until it’s gone.

IH8Mud – I have to keep the Land Cruiser going somehow. This site keeps me working on the FJBruiser even when it’s running just fine.